Only ISMA members can submit resolutions to the House of Delegates. Resolutions allow members to direct the resources of the organization to issues that concern them, their patients and/or the profession of medicine. In a resolution, you may ask your colleagues to join you in seeking change or setting ISMA policy on a topic of importance.

Resolutions adopted by the House become part of ISMA’s public policy and often part of the ISMA’s agenda for the coming year. Resolutions may seek state legislation, a change in state or federal regulations, or submission to the AMA House of Delegates for national action.

5 steps to a resolution:

  1. Determine a clear action or stand you want the ISMA to take on an issue and reasons why.
  2. Write a short title.
  3. Include your name or names of ISMA members introducing the resolution.
  4. Develop one or more “Whereas” statements explaining the issue and why ISMA action is requested.
  5. Conclude with one or more “Resolved” statements that must stand alone and say what you want the ISMA to do in a clear and concise action plan. For example: “RESOLVED, that the ISMA form an ad hoc commission to study the problem of drug-addicted neonates and propose a solution within one year.” Be sure to check the ISMA's current policy on issues on the ISMA website.

​​Submit your resolution HERE by July 17 or email to Rhonda Bennett. If you need help, the ISMA staff is available to help you with your resolution. Call (800) 257-4762 or (317) 261-2060. Resolution background is due Aug. 21.