Public Policy
(RESOLUTION 16-50) RESOLVED, that the ISMA encourage its candidates seeking election to reduce the cost of candidacy and the environmental cost of standard mailings by utilizing email for notification of candidacy unless otherwise requested by delegates. (RESOLUTION 16-44) RESOLVED, that the ISMA Board of Trustees form a compensation subcommittee to annually review and determine elected leadership compensation; and be it further RESOLVED, that an annual leadership compensation report be included in the annual report to the ISMA House of Delegates; and be it further RESOLVED, that the ISMA Board of Trustees develop a number of strategies to facilitate the service of an employed-physician president; and be it further RESOLVED, that the ISMA Board of Trustees develop informational material for employers of physicians interested in becoming ISMA president, with the goal of educating the employer on presidential service and demonstrating the value of the presidency to health care as a whole. (RESOLUTION 16-35) RESOLVED, that the Indiana Delegation to the AMA: Post AMA election results to the ISMA website as soon as possible after election. That those results be available through a link, possibly entitled “ELECTION RESULTS (AMA). Announce appointments to commissions, committees and other positions by a similar link on the ISMA website, possibly entitled “RECENT APPOINTMENTS.”
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