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(READOPTED 15-17, HOD; RESOLUTION 05-26) RESOLVED, that the ISMA support legislation that designates a child as a “child in need of services” who is a passenger in a vehicle operated by the child’s parent, guardian or custodian while that adult is intoxicated. (READOPTED 14-09, BOT; RESOLUTION 04-19) RESOLVED, that the ISMA support legislation that would increase the severity of penalties for the criminal maltreatment of older adults, making the penalties comparable to that of abuse of a child. (READOPTED 14-08; RESOLUTION 04-16) RESOLVED, that the ISMA support meaningful domestic violence legislation in the Indiana General Assembly. (READOPTED 14-07; RESOLUTION 04-15) RESOLVED, that the ISMA encourage the Indiana University School of Medicine and the Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine to include training on family violence in their curriculums; and be it further, RESOLVED, that the ISMA provide ongoing education on family violence of physicians in practice and the general public. (READOPTED 14-06; RESOLUTION 04-14) RESOLVED, that the ISMA recommend the following steps in recognizing and treating victims of family violence: Routinely ask specific questions about abuse during the patient's social history, past medical history or history of present illness. Ask directly about violence with such questions as, “At any time has a partner hit, kicked or otherwise hurt or frightened you?" Interview your patient about these questions in private at all times. Document your findings.  Information about suspected family violence in the patient's chart can serve a valuable function in court should any patient decide to seek legal redress. A physician's documentation could validate the patient's position. Assess your patient's safety before they leave the medical setting. Review options with your patient. Know the referral organizations available to patients in your area such as shelters, legal advocacy, counseling and support groups. Provide the patient with local and/or state hotline numbers; and be it further, RESOLVED, that the ISMA continue to take all reasonable steps to disseminate family violence information to all practicing physicians. (READOPTED 13-26; RESOLUTION 03-21) RESOLVED, that the ISMA continue to place a high priority on supporting legislative efforts addressing family violence issues. (READOPTED 13-25; RESOLUTION 03-03) RESOLVED, that the ISMA continue to support legislation that strengthens Indiana laws regarding child abuse and neglect to reflect the national guidelines that place the child's welfare above any rights of parents.  (READOPTED 07-07, HOD; RESOLUTION 97-17) RESOLVED that the ISMA support and advocate for measures that will strengthen the protection of children and endangered adults from acts of abuse; and be it further, RESOLVED that the ISMA oppose all state and federal legislation and actions that will in any way hinder, obstruct or weaken the ability of law enforcement agencies to investigate suspected cases of abuse of children and endangered adults.
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