Public Policy
(RESOLUTION 15-37) RESOLVED, that the ISMA oppose further requirements for physician board certification of Indiana physicians beyond the 10-year board re-certification exams, placing on hold any additional Maintenance of Certification (MOC) requirements until objective study of the validity and cost-effectiveness of such additional requirements are complete. (RESOLUTION 14-29) RESOLVED, that the ISMA ask the Indiana Attorney General to establish a policy of not investigating anonymous complaints against physicians when there is no other information suggesting a potential physician problem. (READOPTED 14-18; RESOLUTION 04-26) RESOLVED, that the ISMA seek legislation requiring licensure fees health providers pay to the state of Indiana go directly to the budget of the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana, rather than the general fund of the state budget. (READOPTED 13-45; RESOLUTION 03-38) RESOLVED, that the ISMA continue to recognize the benefits of placing a psychiatrist on the Medical Licensing Board or Indiana; and be it further RESOLVED, that the ISMA encourage the Medical Licensing Board (MLB) of Indiana to collaborate with the president of the Indiana Psychiatric Association when appointing a psychiatrist as a member of the MLB. (RESOLUTION 12-33) RESOLVED, that the ISMA formally request an accounting from the State of Indiana as to the total amount of monies generated from physician licenses, fees and fines, as well as the total amount expended by the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana for assuring the quality of medical care in Indiana; and be it further, RESOLVED, that the ISMA pursue administrative or legislative remedies to allocate medical licensing fees first to the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana for its activities, to include investigators, education and re-entry program costs. (RESOLUTION 11-47) RESOLVED, that the ISMA support legislation regulating tattooing and body piercing via the Professional Licensing Agency, in a manner similar to other such professions. (READOPTED 11-14, AMENDED by HOD; RESOLUTION 01-20) RESOLVED, that the ISMA continue to offer the Attorney General's Office and other interested agencies volunteer physicians who can serve to render consultations to the agencies free of charge and in an expeditious manner. (RESOLUTION 11-02) RESOLVED, that: (1) ISMA non-members who are participants of the ISMA Commission on Physician Assistance (COPA) program be assessed on a prorated basis a portion of the costs associated with and incurred by the COPA. This cost may be paid upon contracting or at such time as the impaired physician once again becomes a fully functional member of the medical community, to be determined by the Executive Committee, the Board of Trustees and COPA; and (2) that an exclusion from payment in the form of a hardship exception be incorporated into the policy and exercised at the discretion of the COPA. (RESOLUTION 10-55) RESOLVED, that the ISMA seek, with the assistance of the Indiana Academy of Ophthalmology and the Indiana Society of Anesthesiology, to facilitate a discussion with the Medical Licensing Board of Indiana as to whether or not to retain or exclude from their rule regarding office based surgery retrobulbar and peribulbar anesthetic procedures when performed appropriately by board certified ophthalmologists. (READOPTED 10-20, HOD; RESOLUTION 00-48) RESOLVED, that the ISMA seek support from the governor and the legislature to adequately fund and improve the operation of the Health Professions Bureau. (READOPTED 09-34, HOD; READOPTED 99, HOD; RESOLUTION 87-16) RESOLVED, that the ISMA monitor the Professional Licensing Agency to ensure that effective methods are being used to promptly notify the appropriate entities of physician licensure restrictions. (RESOLUTION 07-09) RESOLVED, that the ISMA vigorously request that the Indiana Health Professions Bureau remove all additional fees and surcharges attached to the cost of both the Indiana State Controlled Substances License and Indiana State Medical License so as to keep their costs at or below (due to decreased overhead from online renewal) $60 and $200 respectively.
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