Public Policy
(RESOLUTION 16-49) RESOLVED, that the ISMA Commission on Legislation work with the interested legislator to develop the appropriate language for a bill that will facilitate acute stroke care for Indiana residents. (RESOLUTION 15-31) RESOLVED, that the ISMA ask the AMA to study health care for incarcerated individuals and to identify the best health care models for local, state and federal facilities. Once this study is complete, the ISMA Board of Trustees shall determine which health care options for incarcerated persons are most practical for Indiana jails and prisons; and be it further RESOLVED, that the ISMA advocate for improved health care of incarcerated individuals to the public, governor, legislature, Indiana Department of Correction, Indiana Sheriff’s Association and other vested parties and individuals. (RESOLUTION 15-24) RESOLVED, that the ISMA educate Indiana House and Senate budget committees on the need to significantly increase the budget for public health services, as well as educate the governor and legislators on the need to increase public health funding by rule and statute; and be it further RESOLVED, that the ISMA encourage state leaders to redouble their efforts to collect more federal dollars for public health funding. (READOPTED 09-54, HOD; RESOLUTION 99-6) RESOLVED, that the ISMA request the Indiana General Assembly, in concurrence with the governor, to fund all mandates passed to local health departments in order to assure the public heath workforce is adequate to protect the health of Indiana’s citizens; and be it further, RESOLVED, that the ISMA ask the Indiana General Assembly that adequate funds to carry out present state health mandates be provided by state budgetary appropriation for county health departments.
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