Staff Directory
Candace Backer, LCSW, LCAC Physician Assistance Program Coordinator
Rhonda Bennett Government Relations Coordinator
Tina Bowman Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President
Michael Brady Director of Advocacy
Marilyn Carter Director of Communications
Jolene Collins Health Insurance Administrative Assistant
Stacy L. Cook, JD, LLM General Counsel
Julie Dart Managing Editor
Tom Dixon Field Representative, Indiana Chapter of the American College of Surgeons Coordinator
Scott Gartenman Director of Health Policy
Melissa Hayes Finance/Adminstrative Assistant, Indiana Dermatological Society Coordinator
Mark Ingold Director of Finance
Anne Naus Kelley, LCSW, LCAC Physician Assistance Program Case Manager
Donna Mallinckrodt Health Insurance Administrative Assistant
Tom Martens Director of Health Insurance Administration, Information Technology Administrator 
Nicholas Peetz Production and Graphics Editor
Julie Reed, JD Executive Vice President
Vicki Riley Membership Services Coordinator
Anne Sharpe Accountant 
Cheryl Stearley  CME Coordinator
Shelly Symmes CME Recognition Administrator
Kay Williams Receptionist, Indiana Neurological Society Coordinator, Indiana Radiological Society Coordinator